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Ideal Pet Plastic Pet Door

Ideal Pet Plastic Pet Door

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The Ideal Original Pet Door is great for cats and dogs. It is designed with a sturdy ABS thermoplastic frame, a see through poly vinyl flap with patented edges to prevent warping; a floating sill to insure good closure, and a strong molded ABS lock-out slide to restrict access when necessary. Ideal Original dog doors feature a tamper-proof mounting system and easy installation.



  • Adjustable telescoping frame can be installed in doors that are from 1 1/4" to 2" thick.
  • Clear flap constructed of impact-resistant super-strong thermoplastic with a magnetic strip to secure the flap in place.
  • Tamper Proof Mounting System, door can't be removed from outside
  • Thermo-Insulated Lockout Slide give you the option to block access through the pet door
  • Simple 4-step installation (average install time: 20 minutes)
  • Floating bottom threshold for perfect seal every time